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ARTICLE 1. Purpose, Applicable Law and Territory

1.1. Object

1.2. Applicable law, competent jurisdictions and contractual language

1.3. Territory

ARTICLE 2. Order

2.1. Acceptance of the Contract by the Customer

2.2. Acceptance of the Order by the Madwatch

ARTICLE 3. Description of Products and Applicable Rates

3.1. Description of the products

3.2. Applicable rate

3.3. Discount offers

ARTICLE 4. Terms of payment

4.1. Payment currencies

4.2. Payment Terms

4.2.1 Information processed by the Madwatch

4.2.2 Information processed by the bank managing payments

ARTICLE 5. Delivery

5.1. Terms of delivery

5.2. Delivery Tracking

ARTICLE 6. Warranty and return Products sold through the Website may be exchanged or reimbursed under the conditions set out in this Agreement and by the law applicable to the Contract, except for products which have been the subject of a Customization at the request of the Customer.6.1. Right and withdrawal period of the Customer The Customer has a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery, to exercise his right of withdrawal and request the refund of the products ordered. To do this the customer will send his request via the form he will find on the Madwatch website under the heading "Exchange and Return". The Customer returns at his own expense the products ordered by following the instructions that will be provided in the page "Exchange and Return" of our site. These conditions or return addresses may vary depending on the country concerned. The refunded price will be the price including VAT (all taxes included) or the price excluding taxes according to the invoicing system and in the currency used for each delivery, including cost of delivery. 1. After verifying that the conditions of return are respected, the Customer is required to carefully pack the returned products and to ensure that the package is securely closed with an adhesive tape. 2. The return label provided by email will be printed and stuck on the envelope or parcel containing the returned product. In the case where the returned items come from different orders, the Customer is required to return by package received and paste the different return labels provided corresponding to each package received for separate returns.The Customer is free to use the carrier of his choice because the transport costs of the returned remains at his charge.3. Madwatch will refund the Customer by refund of credit by the same means as those used by the Customer for payment at the time of the order. This refund will be made within 15 (fifteen) days (variable delay depending on the banks) upon receipt of the returned products to the address indicated by Madwatch and once the control of the returned goods made. The withdrawal of the Order by the Customer will be considered only if the product has been returned to Madwatch within 14 days from the date of its receipt and under the conditions described in article 6.1 here above and at the address mentioned on the indications provided by Madwatch. Madwatch will reimburse the Client for the sums paid, including the price of the of shipment.4. In case of return of a product obviously damaged or in bad condition Madwatch will contact the Customer to indicate that the product will be returned to him as is at the address of the initial order. At the request of the customer, the product may be destroyed. In this case none amount will be paid back. 6.2. Legal guarantees 6.2.1 Compliance guarantee Based on the usual standards of the watch industry, the Madwatch watches are guaranteed by Madwatch for repair or replacement for a period of two years from the date of the Purchase Order Confirmation and therefore of the expedition. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective watches for use under normal conditions. Madwatch does not assign any other warranty for and in connection with the watches sold. The warranty obligations of Madwatch are therefore limited to the replacement or free repair of defective watches under the terms of the warranty mentioned above. Bracelets, crystal (glass) and battery are not covered by the warranty, as it is the habit in the watch industry. Madwatch makes its customers aware that, due to the technical conception of its products, the life of the battery may be shorter than the duration of the warranty. All other claims by the Customer or any other party in connection with faulty watches for direct or indirect damage are expressly excluded from the terms of the warranty.6.3. Conditions for returning products to Madwatch The products likely to be returned by the Customer to Madwatch must have been previously purchased by the Customer on his Website and have been delivered to the Customer, be in a state suitable for remarketing the product (original packaging, instructions for use and accessories, barcodes and labels of origin), and be returned with the return label that will be provided to the Customer in the EXCHANGE AND RETURN section of the website. The products returned by the Customer to Madwatch will be sent to the addresses provided by Madwatch under the heading ECHANGE AND REOUR and which will be those of the initial shipment, or in some cases, for the comfort of the customers, in their own country. In some cases, the return address will be one of a neighboring country or part of a specific economic zone. The return of the product to Madwatch is the responsibility of the Customer. So Madwatch advises the Customer to return the product concerned by a carrier allowing him to follow the return package addressed to Madwatch. In the opposite case, if the return package sent by the Customer does not reach Madwatch, the Customer will not be able to question the carrier to locate the return package. The transport costs of the return package remain the responsibility of the Customer. Upon receipt of the return package, Madwatch will check the conformity of the returned product and the reason for return. If the returned product does not justify an exchange or refund, its return will be refused by Madwatch and the product will be made available to the Customer in Madwatch's warehouses, or may be sent to the Customer, at his request and at his expense, within three months after the receipt by Madwatch of the product returned by the Customer. Without indication of the Customer within this period of three months from the mail Madwatch refuting the return, the watch will be considered abandoned by the Customer and will become the property of Madwatch. Subject to the applicable legal warranties, failing to comply with the terms of this article, the Customer may not make any other claim.6.4. Exchnages The Customer's exchange request must be made within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the shipment and according to the conditions described in article 6.3 above.. For damaged, defective or erroneous products, the procedure of the products covered by the Warranty must be followed under the heading EXCHANGE AND RETURN from the website. In any case, specific help can be obtained at the following email address: ARTICLE 7. Liability The responsibility of the Madwatch could not be engaged in the case where the non-performance of its obligations would be imputable to a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event as defined by the law. Similarly, Madwatch cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage related to the use of the Internet, including an interruption of the availability of the Website, a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, loss or alteration of data or files, or for consequential damages, regardless of the causes and consequences.ARTICLE 8. Signature, evidence and electronic archiving The online supply of the credit card number and the final validation of the Order constitute the proof of the entirety of the Order and entail the payment to the Customer of the total amount of the Order. The Parties agree that all data, information, files, dates and times of consultation of the Website and Order and any other digital element exchanged between the Parties will constitute admissible, valid, enforceable and opposable evidence between the Parties and the probative force of a private act. The Parties undertake not to contest the admissibility, validity, enforceability or probative force of the above-mentioned electronic or electronic elements, based on their electronic nature. Unless proved otherwise, these elements shall be valid and enforceable between the Parties in the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document drawn up, received or kept in writing. The archiving of Purchase Orders and invoices is done by Madwatch on a reliable and durable medium constituting an integral and durable copy. In case of fraudulent use of his credit card by a third party, the Customer is invited to inform Madwatch without delay by writing or calling the Customer service and reminding Madwatch the credit card number concerned, the date of the Order and by justifying his identity, without this information opening a right to repair the Customer or any refund from Madwatch. If necessary, the repair or refund of the Customer may be requested by the Customer to the bank issuing his credit card, under the conditions set by the laws and contracts applicable to the bank concerned. Contact us directly on this Website or on the following e-mail address: If any provision of any GTC is found to be unlawful, or unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of the GTC shall remain valid. Last updated: November 15, 2018